For your interest

A few things I’ve written that may be of interest. I wrote them some time ago and could now critique some of the points and arguments, but believe the main themes remain valid.

Fairness at work (PDF). The outcome of an incomplete delve into the role of fairness in the workplace.

Leadership and competition. A perhaps rather preachy piece about what I understand about leadership and competitiveness.

When to give (PDF)? Some thoughts on when during our careers we might start “giving”.

A University, a Business? Ideas about how we could avoid viewing students as customers even if we did view a university as a business.

Valuing individuals in team. Comments on some challenges when working in teams, and a tool for helping avoid them.

Owen Petchey
Professor of Integrative Ecology

Interested in ecology, diversity, prediction, quantitative methods, a bit of programming, and making beer.