Who are we?

Current members

Please find current members on this web page of the University of Zurich

Previous members:

Dan Leary (2004-2008) PhD: Determinants of ecosystem variability in microbial microcosms. 2008-2012: NERC Parliamentary Liaison Officer. 2012 to present: Foresight Project Manager, Improving Future Disaster Anticipation and Resilience, Government Office for Science

Nick Worsfold (2004-2008) PhD: The consequences of extinction in experimental aquatic communities First position: Postdoctoral research assistant, Department of Politics, University of York, “Is the European Parliament an Environmental Champion?”. Subsequent position: Teaching Fellow, Environment Department, University of York. Current position: Lecturer in Environmental Science, University of Bedfordshire.

Oliver Beveridge (2006-2010) PhD: Swimming in hot water First position: Modelling bird distributions as a postdoc at Durham University

Marcus Cianciaruso (2007) Visiting PhD Candidate, Departamento de Botânica, Universidade Federal de São Carlos, Brazil. Supervisor: Dr Marco Batalha. Now a Professor in the Federal University of Goiás.

Jason Rip (2006) Visiting PhD Candidate, College of Biological Sciences, University of Guelph, Canada. Supervisor: Dr Kevin McCann

Edd Hammill (2009) Visiting Researcher First position postdoccing at UBC.

Beth Atkinson (2008-2009) Masters student. First position PhD student with Jane Memmott

Andrew Cole (2008-2009) Masters candidate, Causes and consequences of adaptive foraging Followed with conservation work in Portugal

Kez Watt (2009-2010) Masters Candidate. Effects of environment variation on local extinction dynamics.

Nick Clark (2010-2011) Masters Candidate.

Mahtab Mohebbi (2011-2011) Lab Assistant.

Aaron Thierry (2008-2012) PhD Candidate. Biological network structure Now a postdoc, School of GeoSciences, Global Change Research Institute, Edinburgh.

Emily Green, now Emily Griffiths (2009-2013) PhD Candidate. Understanding the indirect effects of vaccination programmes: a community ecology approach. Now a postdoc working on Dengue transmission in Peru, employed at North Carolina State University.

Emily Oliveira (2011-2012) Masters Candidate.

Gustavo Henrique de Carvalho (2010-2011) Visiting PhD Candidate Researcher, Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz, Brasil.

Rebecca Stewart (2010) Visiting PhD Candidate

Aabir Banerji (2011-2013) Post-doctoral researcher.

Chris Clements (2011-2014) PhD Candidate

Roger Bachmann Masters Candidate

Peter Schmid Masters Candidate

Suzanne Greene Masters candidate

Thomas Massie Postdoctoral researcher

Michael Pontarp Postdoctoral fellow

Katie Horgan PhD student and Research Assistant

Gian Marco Palamara PhD Student & Postdoc

Marco Plebani PhD Student

Aurélie Garnier PhD Student, 2014-2018 2019: Postdoctoral Research in Hamburg on spatio-temporal dynamics of the food webs in the Baltic Sea.

Susanne Schulmeister Global Change and Biodiversity MOOC Co-creator and Producer, 2016-2018 2019: E-Learning support for the Pädagogische Hochschule Thurgau (PHTG), Kreuzlingen.

Severin Roffler Technical Assistant

Marquita Brilliante Human Resources Administrator

Hao Yiqi Visiting PhD Student, Beijing Normal University

Philippe Saner Research Associate

Ivelina Grozeva External Research Assistant

Jason Griffiths Visiting PhD student

Louis Sutter External PhD student

Pablo Antiqueira External PhD student

Dominik Schmid Masters Student

Mirjam Schärer Masters Student

Valérian Zeender Masters Student

Mike Amato Masters Student

Philipp Dermond Masters Student

Cedric Bachmann Trainee technician